Making Your Will

Planning for the future and making a Will is more important than ever as we live in uncertain times.

We all have unique situations and personal circumstances and often there can be many triggers for choosing to make a Will such as a growing family, moving house, embarking on a new relationship or developing a business.

A will can encompass many wishes and will enable you to:

  • Appoint guardians to look after you children should you pass away
  • Give specific instructions regarding your preferred funeral arrangements
  • Specify what should happen to any pets that may be left behind
  • Select Trustees to take care of your business affairs should something happen to you
  • Ensure property passes to your children but allow someone else to live in it for a period of time
  • Give specific gifts of cash or possessions to individuals or charities of your choice

Make Me A Will was founded by Beneficial Trust & Will Co Ltd, a family led business established for more than 20 years. We have supported more than 20,000 clients to get their affairs in order and we’re here to help you.

A Will from Make Me a Will give you peace of mind that your affairs are in order with a legally sound document and no hidden fees.

 How to make your Will

Making a will or power attorney is much easier than you may think with our award-winning specialist team to support you with every step.

  1. Complete our simple online contact form

  2. Check your details are correct

  3. Submit

Once you have submitted your details we will contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail.

We can complete your Will over the phone or arrange for one of your professional advisers to visit you. We have a national network of advisers based all over the UK who can provide a personalised and bespoke service to suit your needs at your convenience. For safety reasons due to the current Coronavirus situation , appointments can be completed remotely via Zoom or Telephone if preferred.

Want an idea of what your Will may look like?

Click here to check out our Sample Will to see what you can expect to receive.

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What happens if you don’t make a Will?

Hundreds of thousands of people die each year without making a Will, this is known as intestacy. It can mean a complex situation for the family that are left behind. If this happens to you, there are strict rules on what will happen to your estate and it could leave someone you want to protect unprotected. If you have children, guardians may be appointed by the courts on your behalf and your spouse could well receive nothing. It makes sense to make a Will.

Our Client Care Commitment

Be assured that we offer a full Client Care Commitment for all services we provide when you make a Will – if at any time you have a problem or a question then simply contact us and we will respond as quickly as possible. Our friendly advisory team are always on hand to offer support and advise as and when you need us.

Complex affairs? Require further advice?

  • Have you been married before?
  • Have you re-married?
  • Do you have children from previous & present relationships?
  • Do you live with a partner who owns the house you live in?
  • If you own the house, would you like your partner to continue living there but your children to inherit the property?
  • Would you like to ensure your family home is passed to your children and not the state?
  • Do you have an Estate value of more than £650,000?

Need further advice? Contact our friendly team for a free no obligation consultation

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Make me a will

How exactly does will writing work? Will writing is an important financial and personal task. Writing a will can help make sure your family is looked after.

Writing a will can be a hard task, but our will writing experts can help make it a simpler task.

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...the trust has saved the property for the family and ensured that the maximum benefit would be paid by Social Services. Good news and this only proves that forward planning, with the right advice works. Well worth the cost of setting up as it has more than paid off by saving £100k of asset...
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