Gone through one of these events? You may need a Will


If you have recently gone through any of the following life events, then it could be wise to consider creating a Will – or update an existing Will:


Lifestyle events that may trigger your need for a Will…


  • You have recently married or entered into a civil partnership

Unfortunately, even if married or in a civil partnership it is not guaranteed that your spouse will inherit any property or assets if there is no Will in place. It will be for the courts to decide, which could be very costly and timely. If you have entered a second marriage then there may be more complexity with children, multiples properties and separate assets. Only a Will can ensure your desired beneficiaries get what you wish.


  • You have recently become parents

Many parents just do not realise that without a valid Will in place if something were to happen to both of them it’s not guaranteed who will become the carer(s) for their child or children (under adult age). The decision would be made by the courts, and social services may have to become involved. This could prove to be upsetting for the children and difficult for other family members.

A Will that clearly states who you wish to be future carers for your children (if ever needed), will mean no further unnecessary upset will occur for your children at a difficult time.


  • You have moved house

Have you moved to a bigger property? Have you considered what will happen to the property in the future, it’s a huge investment that could get taken away from the family if not properly allocated for in a Will.


  • You have gone through a divorce

If you have a Will then it may need to be updated to cater for the fact you are no longer with your spouse. If you don’t have a Will then you may wish to think about securing your children’s inheritance regarding your remaining assets.


  • You have had a change of assets over recent years

If you have a Will it may need to be updated to include all relevant assets, any new properties or change in beneficiaries. If you have no Will and have increased your assets or properties you may need to consider what will happen to these assets, there is no guarantee they will go to a family member unless it’s written into a Will.


  • You have retired

8 out of 10 retirees have a Will. At this stage in their life they often feel the need to make arrangements for their estate, expressing clear intentions within their Will.


  • You are recently widowed

Perhaps surprisingly but those who are recently widowed are likely to wish to put a Will in place. Either because they have gone through a process where there was no Will and experienced how traumatic it can be, or their assets and property status has changed and they need to ensure all is catered for in the future with their family.


A competitively priced service to suit you

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