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The following tick list shows, at a glance, what each of our 5 funeral plans (Silver, Bronze, Gold, Platinum and Diamond). As you can see, the options range from simple but dignified, to a comprehensive, all inclusive package. For more detail regarding each plan, please click “View Plan” below.

Basic Options Inclusive Option
Silver Bronze Gold Platinum Diamond
£2,250 £1,750 £3,340 £3,575 £3,850
Professional Advice and Services yes yes yes yes yes
24 Hours Service yes yes yes yes yes
Home Visits yes yes yes yes
Collection of the deceased (within 40 miles) yes yes yes yes yes
Care of the deceased in Funeral Home yes yes yes yes yes
Simple coffin yes
Standard dignified coffin yes yes yes
Quality upgraded coffin yes
Viewing in chapel of rest yes yes yes yes
Transportation to chosen crematorium yes
Funeral Procession from home or Funeral Home to the Crematorium yes yes yes yes
Funeral procession from home to the church service yes yes yes yes
Funeral Directors attendance yes yes yes yes yes
One Limousine yes
Two Limousines yes
Hearse and 2 bearers yes yes
Hearse and 4 bearers yes yes
Minister or Celebrant fees yes yes yes
Cremation fees yes yes yes yes
Return of cremated remains yes yes yes yes yes
A dedicated online memorial page including on-line donations yes yes yes yes yes
View Plan View Plan View Plan View Plan View Plan


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funeral plans

Here is a comparison of the funeral plans we provide. All of our funeral plans are designed to be affordable and can be tailored to suit your preferences. If you desire further information about our funeral plans, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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