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The following tick list shows, at a glance, what each of our 6 funeral plans (Direct Cremation Funeral Plan, Topaz Funeral Plan Pearl Funeral Plan, Sapphire Funeral Plan, Ruby Funeral Plan) include. As you can see, the options range from simple but dignified, to a comprehensive, all inclusive package. For more detail regarding each plan, please click “View Plan” below.

Direct Cremation Topaz Your Simplest Pearl Sapphire Ruby
Funeral Director’s Fees and Services  yes  yes  yes  yes  yes  yes
A simple veneered coffin with nameplate  yes  yes  yes  yes  yes
An oak effect veneered coffin with nameplate  yes
A Funeral Hearse and Personnel  yes  yes  yes  yes  yes
24 hour transfer of the deceased to funeral home/chapel of rest  yes  yes  yes  yes  yes  yes
Organising the service at the crematorium/cemetery  yes  yes  yes  yes  yes
Family support and guidance provided by the funeral director  yes  yes  yes  yes  yes
Funeral procession from home/funeral home to crematorium or cemetery  yes  yes  yes  yes
Funeral procession from chapel of rest direct to crematorium/cemetery  yes
Time of funeral mutually agreed between funeral director and family  yes  yes  yes  yes
Time of funeral before 10am Mon-Fri only  yes
Funeral Director appointed at discretion of SHFP  yes  yes
Visit to the chapel of rest during office hours only  yes  yes  yes  yes
One following limousine  yes
Two following limousines  yes
£800 allowance towards disbursements/3rd party fees  yes
£1,200 allowance towards disbursements/3rd party fees  yes  yes  yes
Burial Costs: The funeral director’s costs and services remain exactly the same for both cremation and burial. However, because internment (burial) costs vary enormously according to different local authorities pricing, only when we know where you wish to be buried can we give you a fixed price. If you wish to be buried but do not currently own a burial plot, then please contact Safe Hands Funeral Plans on 0800 9177099 to inform them where you wish to be buried so they can provide an actual price.
£1,795 £2,275 £2,895 £3,355 £3,595 £3,900
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Here is a comparison of the funeral plans we provide. All of our funeral plans are designed to be affordable and can be tailored to suit your preferences. If you desire further information about our funeral plans, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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