Pre Paid Funeral Plans

Planning your funeral is a personal decision and you can be assured that our prepaid funeral plans ensure your family can expect to receive services of the very highest quality for life’s final journey. Taking out a personal funeral plan in partnership with is the most affordable, secure and practical means by which to protect your loved ones against rising funeral costs in the future.

Contact Us  for a FREE information pack offers a range of 5 different funeral plans to suit all tastes and budgets. Each funeral plan can be tailored to suit particular preferences, and amended at any time. We also offer a range of flexible payment terms, including an interest free funeral plan option if you pay for your funeral plan within 24 months of purchase.

Join the thousands of people who’ve already discovered the benefits of funeral planning:

  • You’re guaranteed to receive all the funeral director’s fees and services at todays prices
  • Your money is held securely in a specialist trust fund
  • Your plan can be tailored to suit particular tastes and preferences
  • We offer a wide range of flexible payment terms (including an interest free option)
  • No restrictions on current health, age or medical history
  • 99% of customers have expressed complete satisfaction with the levels of guidance and support provided also offers what we call an ‘Either, Or’ option, meaning you can buy a funeral plan but leave it un-named so that it can apply to any member of the family. All funeral plans can be tailored to suit particular tastes and preferences… from the big things, like whether or not it’s a cremation or burial… to the smaller things, like the choice of music or flowers.

Your funeral plan can also be changed or upgraded at any time, and should you move home, it is transferable to any area within the UK at no extra charge.

Not sure which Plan is right for you?

Contact Us  and we’ll send you a free information pack

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If you’re looking for funeral plans or funeral planning services we’re here to help. We provide a variety of different funeral plans, ranging from simple and elegant to an extensive funeral service.

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What our customers say:

...the trust has saved the property for the family and ensured that the maximum benefit would be paid by Social Services. Good news and this only proves that forward planning, with the right advice works. Well worth the cost of setting up as it has more than paid off by saving £100k of asset...
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