Digital Inheritance Vault and our founding partners Beneficial Trust & Will Co have worked with our trusted partners to create a facility for the secure online storage and management of all of your important information that will form the basis of your digital inheritance vault and digital legacy.

The BTWC Digital Inheritance Vault is an internet-based service that allows you to place all of the information for your inheritance plan in a secure facility that you can access at any time and from anywhere with an internet connection. Whether you access it frequently or occasionally, the vault will ensure that your inheritance plan is complete and up to date.

Store everything needed for Probate

  • All of the documents your executor will need to carry out probate can be held in the vault. This will include an electronic copy of your will as well as any other information such as trusts, lasting powers of attorney or deeds.
  • Copies of critical documents such as insurance policies, as well as details of bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages, bonds and equities
  • Details of partly used subscriptions can also be captured such as gym memberships, car insurances, car tax along with Paypal and Ebay account details
  • The BTWC Digital Inheritance Vault will also hold information relating to your funeral plans such as music, flowers or any texts and readings that you feel are appropriate.
  • The structure of the BTWC Digital Inheritance Vault has been developed with and approved by the Society of Will Writers.

Your Digital Legacy

  • Almost all of us use electronic services to handle many parts of our lives. We all use email to communicate with family and friends yet years of treasured and valuable correspondence can be lost if loved ones cannot access them. The leading email service providers will not release email accounts to your successors, no matter what legal proceedings are undertaken.
  • Other online activities will include our digital presence on services such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media. It can be very distressing for anniversary or birthday messages to keep popping up for loved one who may have passed away years earlier.

Hold other important information

  • To lose your passport or driving licence whilst travelling can be costly and inconvenient. Scanned copies can be stored along with other information such as education records, certificates and warranties that you really do not want to lose.

What about Security?

Our data partners have made strenuous efforts to ensure the service is as secure as possible. Penetration tests have been carried out by independent agencies accredited under the UK Governments IT CHECK scheme and accreditations such as the Cyber Essentials scheme demonstrate a strong commitment to data security. All information is stored securely within the UK and access uses a higly configured internet connection meaning it can be used safely from devices in public areas, such as airports, hotels or cafes.

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...the trust has saved the property for the family and ensured that the maximum benefit would be paid by Social Services. Good news and this only proves that forward planning, with the right advice works. Well worth the cost of setting up as it has more than paid off by saving £100k of asset...
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Cyber Essentials Plus
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