Lasting Powers of Attorney – the role of the Attorney

If you are either looking to create a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) for yourself, or if you have been asked to be the ‘attorney’ in an LPA , then it’s important to fully understand the role. The role of an Attorney could vary greatly and it’s essential that before …

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Are we ignoring our future?

Capacity and the discussions taking place around mental capacity are becoming increasingly regular. As a population we have been ageing for a number of years, it is now starting to become apparent that as dementia has increased, added to other health issues, our future capacity and our ability to make …

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Probate steps – your checklist

Key steps of Probate Probate is the legal right to deal with someone’s possessions, property and money when they die. Probate must be handled in a certain way and follow a series of steps to ensure it is carried out properly and with the wishes of the deceased respected. If …

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Co-habitation and your inheritance rights

  Whilst there is an increase in the number of people who decide to co-habit together, the understanding of what happens to property and assets if one partner dies is still misunderstood. If you live with your partner and have decided not to get married or enter into a civil …

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Lasing Powers of Attorney refund scheme

A refund scheme for those who have been overcharged for their power of attorney registration has been launched by the Ministry of Justice. The charge for LPA registration is only supposed to cover the cost of the service, but clients were over-charged up to April 2017, when the Office of …

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Illott v Mitson Court Ruling – Upholding Testators Wishes

The widely reported Illott v Mitson case this week reached a final conclusion at the Supreme Court after a 10 year battle between three animal charities and a daughter excluded from her mothers £500,000 will. Heather Illott’s mother Milita Jackson left most of her estate to charities but nothing to …

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We Live Together but We’re Not Married – What Do We Need To Know?

The 2014 ONS Government Survey calculated that whilst there are 22.5 million people living as a couple and married, there are a further 5.5 million people co-habitating but not married. More and more couples are choosing to live together and the laws for unmarried, cohabiting partners are not the same …

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BTWC & Makemeawill Christmas Office Hours

Merry Christmas from the BTWC and Makemeawill Team! Take a look at our Christmas office hours and contact details during the festive period.

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Is a Mirror Will the Right Solution for You?

Todays Wills and Probate has this week reported on the challenges that may arise for couples that opt to make a mirror will. The intent behind this approach is to leave their estate in its entirety to their surviving spouse and for it to eventually pass to their chosen beneficiaries who …

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PRESS RELEASE: Raising Professional Standards in Estate Planning

We are delighted to announce that Beneficial Trust & Will Co Ltd are now fully accredited members of the Institute of Professional Willwriters (IPW) in recognition of our firm operating to the highest professional standards. The IPW was founded in 1991 as a self-regulatory body to safeguard the public from …

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